About Me

Tiffany MarlerAbout me…hm..I honestly do love to cook but, I hate to clean up the mess and let me tell you I am LITERALLY the messiest cook in the world. There isn’t a countertop, cabinet, shirt, pants, arm, face I don’t get messed up when I cook. However, I still maintain, as long as it tastes good no one can complain.

I think I must get my cooking intuition from my Mom’s mom, “Grandmama”. Mom tells me she cooked in much the same way as I do. Find some stuff in the fridge or cabinets, mix it all up in some unique way and Voilá! Dinner! She also was a baker, oh my gosh how I love to bake all the amazing things in the world that include gluten and sugar….YUM! Im doing my best to start treating my body better now that I am nearing 40 and reminding myself that yes, diabetes does run in my family and I had better watch myself.

You see, I had another wake up call, my Dad just passed away January 6th 2014, at the young age of 67. When you start thinking about how fragile our bodies are it makes you really think about the donut you really want to eat or the cheese fries with bacon and sour cream and if its really worth it.

In addition to the influence from my grandmama, my dad also LOVED to cook. Every time we would be expecting 1-2 guests for dinner he would roll out a spread for 20 people minimum..lol. He loved to cook instead of bake, maybe thats a guy thing. I got much of my foodie lifestyle from him I’m absolutely certain. He traveled much of my younger years and as a result was able to get the best food from the entire State of Missouri.

Which brings me to now, my husband Bruce and I are no doubt foodies. We go to every local restaurant opening, our Instagram is full of food porn, Facebook friends reach out to us about food and restaurant suggestions and opinions, and lots and lots of Facebook images showing off what we find to be amazing all over the country. So it only makes sense that I would now have a food blog for the food we eat at home! (I keep encouraging Bruce to get a travel food blog since he travels 75% of the time….it would be amazing)

Bottom line, my super awesome daughter Olivia encouraged me a year or more ago to start writing down the stuff I made so we could have it again because there has not been a meal Ive fixed they didn’t like! That is pretty impressive in kid world 🙂

Hope You Like It!

Tiffany Marler